Machine laser 3 en 1

Type : Instrument d’épilation
Théorie : Laser
Application : Salon, maison
Portable : non portable
Poids : 65kgs
Puissance de sortie : 2000 W

Catégorie :

-SHR+OPT+NDYAG laser+black doll + RF in one

-10 Mhz Bipolar RF technology

-Two operation screens mean that you can do the treatment of hair removal and tattoo removal at the same time for two persons,more efficient.

-Multifunction OPT laser machine , using the latest optical technology, combined with the OPT beauty systems,RF beauty systems and ND Yag Laser therapy system.
Product Feature

1.  Non-invasive: no wound of skin

2.  Painless: Adopts the OPT SHR technology, ipl handle can shot continuously and fast.

3.Security: Elight can avoid the side effects of the glare effectively, simultaneous, also can reduce the difficulty of operation.

4.  Effect:  a wider range of applicable customer, instant effect is more obvious, while long-term effect is more durable.

Treatment Scope

1. OPT SHR Permanent hair removal;

2. Skin rejuvenation, wrinkles removal, and pigment removal;

3. Improving skin’s situation: more smooth, tender, delicate and elastic;

4. Changing complexion dark: skin whiting and uniform color;

5. Removing the pigment and scar: removing the sun-induced freckle, speckle, etc.

6. Removing the acne and blain to imprint

7. Removing the vascular lesions and blood vessel

Conductive ways of Light guiding light from sapphire crystal
Crystal’s temperature 8 ºC below 0ºC ~ 1 ºC
Cooling System Semiconductor Cooling+Air Cooling+Water Cooling
Output Power 2000W
Input Power AC110/220±10%  50HZ/60HZ
OPT SHR (Fast Hair Removal)
 Filter Wavelength 640nm
pulse width modulation 1-10ms
Frequency 1-5 p/s ( 1 second emits 5 flashes adjustable)
Energy 1-50J/cm2
Normal Elight IPL System
The First Pulse Width 1–10ms, 0.1ms for adjustable unit
Wavelength Optional from the 530nm–640nm to 1200nm
Energy IPL Energy: 1–50J/cm²
RF Energy: 1–50J/cm²
Spot Size 15*50mm²
RF System rf for body, face, eye
Laser System
Wavelength Double wavelength 1064nm/532nm
Spot Diameter 1–6mm continuously adjustable
Energy of Monopulse ≤600mj@1064nm ≤200mj@532nm
max Energy 1000mj
Q-switching Adjusting Method Passive adjusting method
Work Frequency 1–6HZ


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